Our Products

Chakki Fresh Atta

Chakki fresh atta is very good for health. The gluten content in the atta is significantly less than the all-purpose flour and bread flour. This will not shoot up your blood sugar level. When you consume roti made from Chakki fresh atta, it gives you fulfillment for quite some time. If you consume fresh atta roti, you will feel full for quite some time, and you will stop binging on unhealthy stuff. Our chakki fresh atta has a massive fanbase in the market. The product quality and the packaging are the best in the market. People love what they get from our end.

Matar besan

Matar Besan or gram flour is one of the essential ingredients of every Indian kitchen. From making vadas to preparing the base of any gravy, this is one of the main ingredients. If your besan is not of the best quality, you cannot get to eat delicious food. We are famous among the users for our products. We would ask you to go and buy our product if you love fresh ingredients in your kitchen. In the case of other companies, sometimes their packages do have leaks, and through those leaks, products get damaged. You will never see such situations in our products.

Maida flour

Maida or all-purpose flour is a staple ingredient in everyone's kitchen. Starting from preparing lip-smacking parathas to different baking recipes, maida is an essential and significant part. All-purpose flour has a high gluten content, making it quite stretchable when it comes to baking. If you are a beginner and only learning baking, you need optimum quality ingredients. Choose us, and your baking experience would be unique. Our all-purpose flour has high gluten content, and hence, you will see a wonderful baking experience with this ingredient. You will not find any dirt or unwanted particles in the product, which is a beautiful thing.

Energetic Sattu

From a player to an office goer, sattu is a beautiful ingredient. If you are going for a match and want a mood and energy booster, you can easily choose Sattu. Sattu is made of roasted Bengal gram and barley. It is also another essential ingredient in Indian choking. When you cook something, and you need a quick batter, you can take help from sattu. That means from making an energy smoothie to preparing the batter for pakoras, sattu is essential stuff. We are proud to offer our premium products to our clients.