About Us

When you consider quality and taste at the same time, you can consider us. We at Monvelli industries try to cater to your food requirements under one roof. By supplying good quality food products, we have been capturing the number one position in the market. Our team knows precisely what you are looking for in your family. Your requirements and our offers match each other. Monvelli Industries is always there to serve you with the best possible services from our end.


We at Monvelli industries have a motto of offering fresh and high-quality food products. When we see others offering substandard products, we are very particular about providing the optimum quality products to our clients. Our mission is to take our products to every corner of the country and other parts of the world. We export our food products to other countries. We understand that every business is based on trust and loyalty. We are always there to offer commitment from our end, and we want our clients to trust us. We are proud of our supply chain and everyone associated with our company. We want to build our company so that we are known for both our product quality and, of course, successful supply chain management. Supply chain management is controlled by one of the most efficient lines of employees available in the country. We are so proud to enroll only the best and the most dedicated employees in our group. Through our supply chain group is small. Each and everyone associated with it is a gem. Our mission is to reach people with the best quality food product and gain a good foothold in the food processing industry.


In the food processing industry, lots of people work, and with the invention of the latest technologies, the need for people is decreasing. But we understand that no machine can replace a person’s dedication towards work. So, we aspire to create a work environment where humans and machines work together to make the supply chain system work smoothly. All the packaging would be done by the machines and would be supervised and corrected by the humans. We aspire to become a good and impactful name in the food processing industry. If someone thinks of the products, they must think about us. We aspire to offer our clients the best of the ingredients in the market. We are dedicated and determined to use only the optimum quality ingredient. So, we aspire to help small business owners and startups in creating local hubs. From small business hubs to international circuits, we aspire to reach every corner of the world with high-quality food items. Indians are now global, and they live in every corner of the world. We want to get every Indian with our high-quality product so that they can taste their homemade food even when miles away from their homes.

Who We Are

Right from placing your order, tracking it online, contacting the seller for clarification, and whatnot, we are always there by your side. We have an excellent team that is capable of handling all your problems. We have an equal number of people in all the departments handling their jobs successfully. If you have any query related to any of our products and you want clarification, you can place a call. Our experts will be there to answer your call. They will explain everything to you. We are famous for our after-sales services as well. As we deal in the food processing industry, packing and storing are two main things that we need to handle. We use the optimum quality packages to send our products to other countries. It doesn't get damaged.